Entrepreneurship education (EED)became operational in the institution during the 2011/12 academic session,however, the enterpreneurship development centre (EDC)The building housing the workshops and the office of the training was opened in 2015. This is an edifice which occupies about 2 acres of the land with adequate land provisions made for the future expansion. The building houses twelve{12} workshops adequately furnished to cater for the various skill acquision programs undertaken.  It is headed by a director supported by a Deputy director and five (5) coordinators.
The staffing position is as follows:
ENGR. O.O. KUKOYI, B.Sc., (Electrical /Electonic Engr.),
M.Sc.(Industrial Engr.)
Cheif lecturer and Director(EDC) - (Pioneer Director)

Mrs. M.A. Yusuff - B.Sc, M.Sc - Deputy Director

1. Mr. S.S Akoja - HND, M.Sc
2. Dr. O.O. Ojo - HND, P.hD
3. Mr. O.O. Adegbesan - HND, M.Sc
4. Mrs. E.I. Ezekiel - B.Sc, M.Sc
5. Mr. M.O. Oderinde - HND, B.Sc

each department provides and rotates among its ranks, lecturers that handel thee Theory of the EED Course

1. Mr. G.E. Adamolekun - HND - PEO II
2. Mr. R. Ogunbiyi - HND - EO II
3. Mr. T.A. Olajide - Confidential Secretary I

In an attempt to stem the unabating tide of youth unemployment, the Federal Government Of Nigeria, in 2006, formulated a policy  directing all Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) to incorporate the teaching and learning of Entrepreneurship Education into their curricula.
Entrepreneurship Education is designed to equip young ones with attributes, competencies and skills to create, initiate and even set up their own businesses. it is ecpected that the gradustes should be job creators rather than job seekers.
The Enrepreneurship Development Centre, as presently run, co=ordinates the teaching and learning of Entrepreneurship Education courses at all levels.
Also, the centre offers vocational skills acquisition in fifteen(15) trades namely: Venue Decoration, Soap making, Water production, Block Moulding and interlocking stones,  Cell phone Repairs, Hair Dressing and Barbing, Fashion Designing, Catering Services, Computer Repairs, Web-Site Design, Aluminum Works, Bag Making, Beads MAking and Welding. It is mandatory for all the students to acquire Entrepreneurship skills in the course of their studentship in the institution. The institution also offers community service through the Centre by training youth corpers, individuals and youths from the community.

It is the ambition of the Centre to become a revenue generating arm of the Polytechnic, contributing its quota to boosting the internally generating revenue of the institution's development and expansion. to achieve this aspiration, commercialization of sadcrete blocks production and interlocking stones is being developed, such that, presently, the interlocking stones used for walkways in the institution are bought from the Centre. in addition, the supply of sanitation materials like Germicides, Disinfectants, Air-freshners to offices and schools is being exploited. All other vocations are to be developed to pragmatically expose out trainess to the art of producing and products marketing.