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The Polytechnic believes in and encourages free exchange of ideas, information and opinions on the campus.  However, there is no absolute freedom as freedom attracts a correlative duty.  The right to hold opinion and impart it without any hindrance is guaranteed.  At the same time, the Polytechnic expects high level of responsibility and maturity in the exercise of this right.

Rules and Regulations Governing Student Publications

The normal medium of publication shall be by printing bulletins.  Boards may only be used in-between printed, handy publications.

Any student group or association which does not want to register formally as a  Press Club shall avail itself of the facility of the student notice board/walls provided by the Polytechnic to display professional, religious, ethic and political matters.  If in doubt as to the appropriateness of the information, the group concerned should consult the Dean of Student Affairs.  However, student publications should be such as do not offend sensibilities, breach rules of conduct and should not contain any form of libel.

Printed matters published by students must be sold to students only and must be marked “For Internal Circulation Only”.

The names of the key officers of any journal or magazine shall be boldly written on the first page of each publication.

It shall be the duty of the Publications Committee working in close conjunction with the Dean of  Student Affairs to register student clubs and associations for the purpose of publishing titles; provided that such a club shall have fulfilled the following requirements:

The club, shall forward to the Dean of Students Affairs, names of three patrons/patronesses who must be senior staff of the Polytechnic.  The persons so designated as Patrons and Patronesses must be acceptable to the Publications Committee as capable of playing this assigned role.  Furthermore, each of the three Patron/Patroness must forward a letter of acceptance to the Dean of Student Affairs, stating his/her willingness to guide the club effectively.

Registration as a Press Club shall be valid for one year only subject to an annual renewal which must be completed not later than one month after the resumption for the session.

Each registered Press Club shall forward to the Dean of Student Affairs a list of all members not later than one month after the commencement of each session.

The Dean of Student Affairs may refuse the registration of any press club for the session if he finds that the club should not be registered.  However, such cases are to be sent to the Publications Committee for review.

A copy of all publications and press releases must be deposited with the Dean of Student Affairs at least twenty four hours before they are circulated.  Nothing in this regulation empowers anybody to stop a publication from circulating.

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