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Service Units

In line with the strategic plan and the focus of the Polytechnic, which is structural and technology based, there are supporting service units put in place to be abreast of development in a global academic environment. These service  units include: the Academic and Physical planning Unit, the Medical Services, and the Works and Services

Academic and Physical Planning Unit

This Unit is located on the East Campus of the Polytechnic. It was established to see to the academic structure planning, structural and physical development of the institution, institution environmental layouts.

Medical Services

The Polytechnic provides health care services to staff and students at the Medical Centre which is situated on the East Campus.  The Centre operates a 24-hour service for both students and staff from Monday to Sunday and public holidays inclusive.  Minor cases of sickness are treated at the Centre while serious ones are normally referred to the State Hospital at the expense of the student’s sponsor.

Works and Services

This Unit is in charge of the maintenance, repairs, and functionality of the institution infrastructures and facilities. It maintains the supply of electricity to the entire Polytechnic on a daily bases. Construction of damaged roads,  and electrification of new school buildings.


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