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Halls of Residence on Polytechnic Campus

A limited number of residential accommodations are provided for both male and female students on the East Campus. The Polytechnic provides hostel accommodation to deserving students on the basis of need and subject to the availability of bed space in the halls of residence.  Special consideration is, however given to foreign students, students’ union executives, fresh students, and distinguished sports men and women.

The halls of residence are hygienically built with kitchenettes, laundries lawns and open spaces for relaxation.  Porters and Portresses are employed to attend to students’ welfare.  Consultants paid by Management rendered both gardening and cleaning services.  Accommodation fees are highly subsidized by Government.

Accommodation in Ilaro (Off-Campus)

Halls of residence on Campus are grossly inadequate to accommodate the entire students.  Off-campus accommodation provided by private entrepreneurs particularly in the outskirts of the town and in few cases within the township of Ilaro complements that provided by the Polytechnic. The Directorate of Students Affairs in conjunction with the private entrepreneurs i.e. landlords through a forum referred to as Polytechnic Ilaro Community Forum (PICOF) mediates issues that arise from students’/host community co-existence, accommodation, conflicts and other issues.  This has removed areas of friction apart from creating a harmonious town/gown relationship.


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