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Department of Marketing


Mr. A.M. Adeyanju BSc., MSc. (Mktg) MNIMN, MNIM, MNIPR, Chief Lecturer and Head of Department

Other members of academic staff

Mr. L.O. Omotunde BSc. (Agric.), MBA (Mktg), Dip (Mktg), MNIMN, Chief Lecturer

Mr. G.U. Onwuchuruba BSc. (Mgt), MBA (Mktg), FNIMN, RPA, MCIM, MCIT, MCIBN, Chief Lecturer

Mr. O.O. Shokan BSc. (Maths/Educ), Dip. Mgt, Dip. CIM, MBA, FNIMN, MCIM, ARPA, Chief Lecturer

Mr. Y.O.A. Olaniran HND (Mktg), Cert. Mktg, MBA, MNIMN, Principal Lecturer

Mr. D.O. Ayozie HND (Mktg), PGD, MBA, FCIM, Dip CIM, FNIMN, FCIMN, MNIM, RPA, Senior Lecturer

Higher National Diploma Marketing, HND (MKT)

Mode of Study: Full-time

Timetable: Day

Duration: 4 Semesters

Course Objectives:

The Higher National Diploma programme in Marketing has an array of courses designed to produce middle-level management personnel with relevant knowledge for the solution of marketing problems in business and non-business organizations.  Specifically, diplomats of the programmes should be able to perform the following functions:

Conduct product planning for manufacturing and service organizations

Organize sales and distribution of goods and services

Carry out effective sales and advertising

Market financial services in banks, insurance, and stock-broking firms

Market communication and transport services in such firms as GSM companies

Undertake marketing research and other similar functions

Prepare sales report and other marketing functions.

Some diplomats are now products, sales, advertising, and marketing managers in many blue-chip companies and government establishments.  Some are seasoned politicians while many have set up their own business enterprises.  Some have even done postgraduate studies up to Masters Degree level.  A few with high academic ambition are on doctorate programmes in reputable universities in the country and abroad.

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