The Federal Polytechnic Ilaro | Ogun State

Department of General Studies

Mrs. E. Ajao, B.Ed. [English], M.Ed. [Guidance & Counselling],  Chief Lecturer and Head of Department

Other members of academic staff

Mr. A. E. Daniel, BA (English),UCTA Dip. (Salesmanship), MA (English), Chief Lecturer

Dr. A. B. Ajayi, BA (Dramatic Arts), MA (English), PhD, Chief Lecturer

Mr. O. O. Okege, BSc. (Pol. Science), MSc. (Int. Relations), Chief Lecturer

Mr. S.A. Adebayo, B.Sc., M.Sc., [Economics], Chief Lecturer

Dr. O. A. Jiboku, BA (English Education), M. Ed., PhD, Chief Lecturer

Mr. T. M. Adeaga, B. Ed. (Economics), M. Ed. (Social Studies), Principal Lecturer

Mrs. E. A. Omotayo, BA, MA (English), Senior Lecturer

Mr. B. A. Okuwoga, LL.B, B.L, LL.M, Senior Lecturer

Mr. P. O. Musa, B.Sc. (Political Science), Lecturer I

Mr. H. O. Dawodu, LL.B, B.L., Lecturer I

Mr. V. O. Idakwo, BA, MA (English), Lecturer I

Mr. A. B. Oluseye, BA (English), MA (Int. Rel.), Lecturer I

Mrs. J. O. Degboro, B.Ed. (English), M. Ed., Lecturer I

Mrs. M. A. Yusuff, B.Sc. (Agric Economics), Lecturer I

Mrs. O. T. Afolayan, B.Sc. (Agric Economics), Lecturer I

Mr. A.W.O. Akinleke, B.Sc. (Sociology), M.Sc. [Managerial Psychology], Lecturer I

Mr. J. O. Omowunmi, B.Sc., MSc. (Political Science), Lecturer II

Mr. A. B. Abibu, LLB., BL., Lecturer II

Mr. O. O. Phillips, B.Sc., M.A. (Philosophy), Lecturer III

Mr. H.I. Orjinta, M.Sc. [Pol. Sci.], B.Sc. [Pol. Sci.], Lecturer III

Mrs. K.A. Adesanya, B.Sc. [Sociology], MILR, Lecturer III

Objectives of Courses provided in the Department

The Department of General Studies provides courses of instruction of the general education component in the curriculum of all accredited academic programmes run by the Institution.  Generally, the courses provided by the Department are intended to:

Promote a broad-based education designed to sharpen students’ communication skills, their realization of the need for the cross-fertilization of ideas and the inter-relatedness of the various disciplines as well as bridging the gap between what would have been otherwise two separate cultures, i.e. the literary and the scientific; and

To inculcate the idea of national loyalty and understanding based on an awareness of the nation’s roots and cultural antecedents, thus enabling students to come to grips with our societal morals, national aspirations, values and problems.

Towards this end, the Department is equipped to provide and coordinate courses that are ancillary but necessary to the focal core of each department.  Such courses are available in the broad units of: English and Communication; Social Sciences; and Law.

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