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Department of Accountancy

Mr. M.R. Sanni, HND [Accts], B.Sc., MBA, ACA, ACTL, Principal Lecturer and Head of Department

Other members of academic staff

Mr. V. A. Adebayo, BA (Accts.), MBA, CAN, FITD, FCCA, Chief Lecturer

Mr. L.A. Fatona, B.Sc., MBA, ACA,Chief Lecturer

Mr. J.O. Olatunde, MBA, FCCA, ACA, ACTI,  Principal Lecturer

Mr. S.R. Mohammed, HND [Accts.], PGD [Econs], MBA, MPP, FCA, Senior Lecturer

Mr. N. A. Amusa, B.Sc. [B&F], MBA, ACA, ACTI, Senior Lecturer 

Mr. Y.O. Akinpelu, MBA, ACA, Senior Lecturer

Mr.M.A. Akinde, HND [Accts.], B.Sc. [Econs], ACA, ACTI, Senior Lecturer

Mr. B.A. Agbeyangi, B.Sc. [Accts.], M.Sc., ACCT,ACA, ACTI, Senior Lecturer

Mr. B. O. Ebo, HND [Accts.], ACA, MBA, Lecturer I

Mr. E.A. Ademola, B.Sc. [Accts.], M.Sc. [Econs], MNES, Lecturer I

Mrs. I. A. Adelusi, HND (Accts.), ACA, MBA, Lecturer II

Mr. O.A. Raji, B.Sc. [Actr. Sci.],  Asst. Lecturer

Miss E. Okpakovwodo, B.Sc. [Accts.], Asst. Lecturer

National Diploma Accountancy, ND (AC)

Mode of Study: Full-time / Part-time

Timetable: Day / Evening-Weekend

Duration: 4 Semesters

Higher National Diploma Accountancy, HND (AC)

Mode of Study: Full-time

Timetable: Day

Duration: 4 Semesters

Course Objectives:

The goal of the National Diploma in Accountancy programme is to produce technical manpower who can effectively perform a range of functions in the field of accountancy, insurance, banking and in financial institutions.  Graduates of the programme should be able to:

Demonstrate a basic knowledge of financial operations of different types of business

Assist in the collection and integration of basic financial data for use in investment decision

Prepare final accounts of companies

Assist in the preparation of short and long term budget plans

Collect and collate relevant financial information to aid superior officers and management in making financial decisions

Interpret some basic ratio, statistical and financial data

Carryout preliminary survey and feasibility studies.

The Higher National Diploma in Accountancy is designed to enable students acquire a detailed theoretical/technical knowledge and thorough understanding of financial accounting, costing and auditing procedures required of an Accountant.  This should place the graduates of the programme in the middle management positions in industry, commerce and government.  The graduates should be able to:

Prepare the final accounts of all kinds of business organisations including group accounts/consolidated accounts

Set and assist in setting and operating an accounting system of any business in the economy

Analyse and interpret financial statements

Advise clients on investment decisions in and out of the stock exchange

Prepare the drafts of audit programmes

lLad a stock-taking team for audit purposes

Prepare budgets, fix and appraise standard costs, analyse variances for control purposes

Provide information for price fixing and marketing strategies

Collect, collate and analyse data for feasibility reports/project appraisal

Carryout aspects of special investigations on how company financial resources have been utilized

Advise on and carryout the registration/formation of new companies

Employ moderate methods and equipment in carrying out simple managerial functions

Interpret basic statistical data.

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