The Federal Polytechnic Ilaro | Ogun State

Department of Science Laboratory Technology

Mrs. O.O. Pikuda B.Sc. (Chemistry), M.Sc. (Industrial Chemistry), MCSN Principal Lecturer and Head of Department.

Other members of academic staff

Mr. O. A. Oduwobi BSc., MSc. (Botany), Chief Lecturer

Mrs. R. T. Oyede  B.Sc., M.Sc. Ph.D, ICCON, CSN (Chemistry), Principal Lecturer

Mr. R.A. Amusa, B.Sc., M.Sc. [Physics], PGD [Comp Prog.], Senior Lecturer

Mr. B. G. Osinfade, B.Sc., M.Sc. (Chem.), Senior Lecturer

Mrs. B. K. Oguntade B.Sc. (Chem.), M.Sc. (Analytical Chem.), MICCON MCSN, Lecturer I

Mr.  A. Adewole B.Sc., M.Sc.(Zoo), Cert. Data Proc. Lecturer I

Mr. H. Ayedun B.Sc. (Chem), M.Sc. (Industrial Chem.) Lecturer I

Mr. F.T. Faparusi, B.Tech, M.Sc., Lecturer II

Mr. N.I. Obot,  B.Sc., M.Sc. (Physics), Lecturer II

Mr. A. O. Oyedeji,  B.Sc. (Chemical Science), Lecturer III

Mrs. C.V. Abiaziem, B.Sc. [App. Chem.], M.Sc. [Chem], Assistant Lecturer

Mr.P.O. Bankole, ND, B.Sc., Assistant Lecturer

Mr. A. T. Ojenike HND [Chem.] AIST, MNIST, Chief Instructor

Mr. N. O. Ilelaboye HND, PGD, AIST, ANIST, Chief Instructor

Mrs. F. F. Ali HND [Microbiology], PGD [Food Tech.] Asst Chief Technologist

Mr. B. F. Umar HND [Chem.], Asst. Chief Technologist

Mr. O. A. Afolayan HND (Physics/Electronics), PGD (Comp.Tech.) ANIST, Principal Technologist

Mr. A. A. Oderinde HND (Chem.),Lecturer III

Mr. A.S. Ogunmodede, HND [Glass Tech.], Technologist I

Mr. D. Adigu, ND, HND, H.T.O.

National Diploma Science Laboratory Technology, ND (SLT)

Mode of Study: Full-time

Timetable: Day

Duration: 4 Semesters

Higher National Diploma Science Laboratory Technology, HND (SLT) – Chemistry Option

Mode of Study: Full-time

Timetable: Day

Duration: 4 Semesters

Course Objectives:

The programme’s goal is to produce technicians capable of carrying out various laboratory analysis and practical work under the supervision of a technologist.  Courses offered in the programme are mathematics, basic sciences including physics, biology and chemistry, general laboratory techniques, technical drawing and ancillaries in management, general studies/education and communication in English.  The course is intended to produce technicians who will perform the job function of a scientific and research assistant, a quality control sub-professional, a laboratory sub-professional, a business manager and a marketing agent.  On completion of the course, the graduates will be able to:

work in and/or manage laboratories of science based industries, research institutes and institutions of higher learning;

manage quality control and product development units in industries;

teach science laboratory technology subjects as instructors in Polytechnics,

repair, modify, and adapt simple instrument and apparatus in the laboratories.

At this level of National Diploma, there is no specialization.

The Department offers Higher National Diploma (SLT) in chemistry option, only.  In this programme's goal is to produce technologist capable of carrying out various laboratory analysis and practical works independently. Specifically, the graduate should be able to:

Carry out chemical analysis and quality control in: industry [Oil, food, brewing, detergent, textiles, etc.], Hospitals, Schools, Colleges and research institutes

Carry out general chemical work in industrial and academic laboratory

Assist in biochemical analysis and experiments in hospitals, schools, colleges and research institutes

Prepare students for employment in related work such as sales, marketing

Administration and Management in the industries and also for self employment.

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